Zahgsoja: Oh, bird. You can't fly. Let me teach you to.

Fawn: Don't worry, I will! Smile. Let's teach you to fly. Flap your wings.

[The bird flies]

Zahgsoja: You're so pretty and tiny and nice!

Fawn: Yep! Keep flapping, bird!

Zahgsoja: The bird's name is Zaira.

Fawn: Oh.

Peppa: That's a nice bird!

Zahgsoja: Get out! *kicks Peppa out the window, locks all the doors and windows, then closes the curtains in her bedroom*

Peppa: Dammit! This mansion has 96 floors! I can't see the ground!


  • It is revealed that Zahgsoja can communicate with fairies.
  • Fawn's CGI, but Peppa's CelAction2D.

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