It was a sunny day and Peppa, Zoë and George are playing.

Zoe: oh my stomach.

Peppa: what is wrong with it?

Zoe: It hurts!

Peppa: lets go inside


Mommy Pig: Whats wrong?

Zoe: my stomach hurts i want to go home

Mommy pig: you can"t go home Your Mom and Dad have gone to a meating for 5 hours

Zoe: what about my Stomach?

Mommy Pig: Maybe you should go to the bathroom

Zoe: Ok


Mommy pig; does your stomach still hurt

Zoe: No it feels fine

Peppa: do you want to go back outside

Zoe: ok


Zoe: OH!

Peppa: Do your stomach hurt again


Peppa: that was a good one. (they both lol) (end)

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